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Virtual D&I Director

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Benefits of hiring a part-time Virtual Director of Diversity & Inclusion:

Experience what it's like to have a Director of Diversity & Inclusion on staff, but without the payroll fees, long term contracts, or other personnel issues.

Find out firsthand what a Director of Diversity & Inclusion does and experience the positive effects of having one in your organization.

Demonstrate to your board, leadership team, or other stakeholders that hiring a Director of Diversity & Inclusion will positively impact your organization.

Image by Tyler Franta
Here are some things your Virtual Director of Diversity can do:
  • Train your faculty and staff

  • Attend important leadership meetings

  • Coach your leaders on D&I related topics

  • Help resolve disputes around the issues of diversity & inclusion

  • Speak to large groups on issues of diversity & inclusion

  • Lead strategic planning on diversity and inclusion issues

  • Write content for your newsletter and/or blog

  • Conduct participatory activities like story exchanges to promote and cultivate empathy

Start by filling out our Diversity and Inclusion Assessment below. Be sure to select the one that best represents your organization. You'll only need 15-20 minutes to complete it. Upon submitting it, we will be in touch with you shortly.
Independent Christian schools
Christian Universities
Christian non-profits and companies
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