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Who We're Looking For

We are looking for committed Christians with outstanding achievement and success in their fields of employment. We want candidates who are adaptable, diligent, relate well with others, and who don't settle for anything less than excellence. As One candidates must be open to learn, able to receive feedback, and committed to ongoing growth and professional development.

Why Work as a Minority in a Christian Institution?

Working at Christian independent schools, universities or other organizations provides the opportunity for open expression of your faith while you fulfill your vocational calling. Imagine praying before and after meetings, with students, or with your team before making decisions. How about openly reading your Bible on your breaks, or even being a part of a Bible study with your colleagues?

You will also usually enjoy a close-knit community and a warm, supportive culture. Independent schools offer autonomy, small class sizes, no state testing requirements, chapel services and devotions that feature Christian messages and themes, and close student/teacher relationships.


Christian universities offer opportunities for worship, intellectual dialogue around Christian issues, and mentorship of impressionable students. Christian non-profits and companies offer a "why" that brings fulfillment and purpose.

Being a minority in these institutions can be challenging. You must be resolute, have a pioneering spirit, and feel the call to build bridges of reconciliation. Often, you will be carving a trail that subsequent generations will traverse. With God, all things are possible. It could be that He is calling you to help Christians from all backgrounds, nations, ethnicities, and languages unite in our worship of God.

Get Started


Send your Resume

To begin the process, fill out our application below, and email your resume to Please note that we require three references, one of which must be a pastoral reference from a church or other Christian organization with which you are affiliated. 

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We will contact you

After reading your application and resume, one of our team members will contact you to talk more about your career goals and the possibilities that exist. We will refer your resume and profile to schools, universities, or organizations that are a match for your skills and background.


Get Hired

When an institution is interested, they will contact you. Once you enter the interview process with a school, university, or organization, they make the final decision regarding whether they will offer you employment. During the process, As One will coach you and provide support and resources so that you are in the best position to be hired. When you are hired, the institution pays us a fee, so our services cost you nothing!

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