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Institutions seeking Leaders, Faculty, or Staff

Because you don't want to compromise, hiring diverse talent can be frustrating, confusing, and time-consuming. Let AsOne help you find the outstanding Christian candidates who will help diversify your organization and uphold your biblical mission!


Let's Learn

Fill out As One's Diversity & Inclusion Assessment. This will help us learn more about your organization and how we can help you, as well as help you learn more about As One's Christian approach to diversity and inclusion.


Let's Talk

As One will contact you to discuss your particular needs. If you decide to work with As One, you'll share with us the position(s) that you want filled, your requirements, and your timeline for hiring.


Let's Partner

We will send you a contract where you agree to pay a placement fee if you hire one of our candidates.

How it Works





Let's Work

We will search our vast network of minority Christian candidates to send you profiles of candidates who are biblically aligned with your Christian mission, highly qualified, and ready to work. You give us feedback to make sure we're on the right track.



Let's Win

Upon hiring one of our candidates, you win because you acquire a minority candidate who helps your organization live out its Christian mission. We win because we contribute to God's desire for kingdom diversity and He gets the glory!


Classroom Lecture
Start by filling out our Diversity and Inclusion Assessment below. Be sure to select the one that best represents your organization. You'll only need 15-20 minutes to complete it. Upon submitting it, we will be in touch with you shortly.
Independent Christian schools
Christian Universities
Christian non-profits and companies
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