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Start by filling out our diversity and inclusion assessment, and someone will contact you to identify potential paths forward. Whether or not you work with us, we think that the lessons you learn from the assessment and initial consultation will demonstrate value. We look forward to hearing from you!


Perhaps you’ve been thinking about ways to make your organization more diverse and inclusive, but now you're ready to act. As One is here walk alongside you as we collaborate with you on strategies to make your organization more inclusive and diverse. While other secular organizations concentrate on trainings, models, and processes that exhibit questionable results and embrace non-biblical types of identities and behavior, As One's Consulting provides tailor made solutions for your organization that are grounded in biblical truth and Christian methods. Our goal, as always, is to celebrate diversity while preserving unity. We offer a range of consulting solutions to address your organization's particular challenges.

Young Business Colleagues
We are pleased to offer consulting in the following areas:
  • Framing diversity as a gospel issue

  • Faculty/staff training

  • Recruiting and retaining diverse faculty

  • Creating an inclusive environment and climate for stakeholders

  • Reviewing policies and procedures for inclusivity

  • Attracting a more diverse student body, clientele, etc.

  • Helping diversify communications, marketing materials

Start by filling out our Diversity and Inclusion Assessment below. Be sure to select the one that best represents your organization. You'll only need 15-20 minutes to complete it. Upon submitting it, we will be in touch with you shortly.
Independent Christian schools
Christian Universities
Christian non-profits and companies
We are offering the opportunity to hire a part-time Virtual Director of Diversity and Inclusion. To learn more about this opportunity, click the button below!
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